Sculpted Light in the Brain

Presented by Bruker, Thorlabs, and Science

June 19th to 21st, 2024

Hosted at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
Paris, France

Welcome to Paris!

For those in Paris the night before the conference, be sure to join us for the SLB pre-party, held Tuesday, June 18th 19:00 at Cafe Oz , 3 place Denfert-Rochereau, 75014.
All sessions for the conference will be held at Maison Internationale (17 Bd Jourdan, 75014 Paris). This building is easily accessible from the Cité Universitaire stop on the Tramway T3a and RER B line.

Kavli Exploration Award returns in 2024

With the support of the Kavli Foundation, we are excited to announce that the Sculpted Light in the Brain Innovation Grant will return for the upcoming conference. These grants will support one-year projects that aim to develop and/or use novel technologies to observe or control neural activity using photonic methods to analyze or probe neural function. Proposals must be a new collaboration between two to four attendees (early career applicants strongly encouraged) of the SLB 2024 conference, so be sure to register for the conference today!
Additional information will be provided during the conference.
Link to 2022 winners
We have kept registration open for those looking to join us last minute, which can be completed via Eventbrite.



13:00pmRegistration / Coffee
13:30pmWelcome Address
13:40pmAnne Takesian : "Diverse Cortical Layer 1 Circuits for Auditory Processing"
14:10pm Mriganka Sur : "Multiphoton imaging of functional networks in organoids: impact of neurodevelopmental disorders"
14:40pm (Selected Talk) YoungJu Jo : "KALI family channelrhodopsins: from structure-guided engineering to in vivo applications"
15:00pm Networking Coffee Break
16:00pm(Selected Talk) Jonathan Gill : "Multiscale Interrogation of Neural Connectivity in vivo Using Precision Optogenetics"
16:20pmSponsor Talk: Bruker
16:40pm (Keynote) Valentina Emiliani: "All-optical circuits manipulation with...sculpted light"
17:20pmPoster Session/Reception


8:30amWelcome Coffee
9:00amKaspar Podgorski: "Fast and flexible light shaping for in vivo two-photon microscopy"
9:30amAseema Mohanty: "Miniaturizing beam shaping technology using nanophotonics"
10:00am(Selected Talk) Laura Camila Gomez : "Advancing 2-photon population voltage imaging for the exploration of cortical circuit dynamics"
10:20amCoffee Break
10:40amNicolas Pegard: "Sculpting light through the brain to track arousal biometrics"
11:10amVicente Parot: "Multiplane volume mapping by virtual array imaging"
11:40amSponsor Talk: Thorlabs
13:40pmAhmed Abdelfattah: "Chemigenetic voltage indicators for optical monitoring of neural activity"
14:10pmStéphane Dieudonné: "AOD-based random-access two-photon microscopy : a solution for all-optical electrophysiology in 3D"
14:40pm(Selected Talk) Christiane Grimm: "A Rhodopsin-based GEVI for two-photon voltage imaging"
15:00pmNetworking Coffee Break: Sponsored by Light Conversion
16:00pm(Selected Talk) Sang Min Han: "Neural circuit dynamics estimation and control using multiphoton holography optogenetics"
16:20pmAgostina Palmigiano: "Feature-dependent mechanisms underlying reshuffling of activity by optogenetic perturbations"
16:50pmBrent Doiron: "Diverse Neuronal Responses Produce Low Dimensional Variability in Cortical Circuits"
17:20pm Poster Session / Reception


8:30amWelcome Coffee
9:00amTommaso Fellin: "Extended field-of-view imaging in miniature two-photon microscopes through aberration corrected GRIN lenses"
9:30amIan Oldenburg : "Holographic Dissection of Cortical Microcircuits"
10:00am(Selected Talk) Hayley Bounds: "Causally Connecting Cortical Codes to Visual Perception"
10:20amCoffee Break
10:40amYevgenia Kozorovitskiy: "Optoelectronics for the neurobiology of social behavior"
11:10amJosé-Alain Sahel: "Sculpting the Future of Vision Restoration"
11:40amSponsor Talk: Science
13:40pmEmmanuel Beaurepaire: "Color and multicontrast multiphoton imaging of brain tissue"
14:10pmCristina Rodriguez: "Next-generation optical microscopy methods for deep tissue in vivo imaging of the nervous system"
14:40pm(Selected Talk) Sarah E. Montgomery: "Ultrathin endomicroscopy for deep in vivo brain imaging"
15:00pmNetworking Coffee Break
16:00pmAleena Garner: "Illuminating predictive processing in cortical circuits"
16:30pmHyeyoung Shin : "Recurrent pattern completion drives the neocortical representation of perceptual inference"
17:00pmMichael Hausser: "Illuminating causal links between neural circuit activity and behavior"
17:30pm Closing Remarks


Sculpted Light in the Brain is a recurring conference (founded in 2017) aimed at fostering collaborations between neuroscientists, computer scientists, optics researchers, and other scientists who share the common interest of using and developing novel technologies to observe and control neural activity in the awake, behaving brain. “Sculpted Light” refers to a broad class of methods where light is shaped to probe neural function.

This meeting aims to promote future collaboration opportunities by gathering established scientists and the next generation of researchers from these fields to discuss future technologies that will enable real time optical communication with the living brain.


Ahmed Abdelfattah

Brown University

Emmanuel Beaurepaire

École Polytechnique

Valentina Emiliani

Institut de la Vision

Aleena Garner

Harvard University

Stéphane Dieudonné


Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy

Northwestern University

Brent Doiron

University of Chicago

Tommaso Fellin

IIT Genoa

Aseema Mohanty

Tufts University

Michael Hausser

University College London

Agostina Palmigiano

University College London

Cristina Rodriguez

Yale University

Ian Oldenburg

Rutgers University

Hyeyoung Shin

Seoul National University

Vicente Parot

Catholic University of Chile

Nicolas Pégard

University of North Carolina

Anne Takesian

Harvard University

Kaspar Podgorski

Allen Institute

José-Alain Sahel

University of Pittsburgh

Mriganka Sur

Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Lamiae Abdeladim
University of California, Berkeley

Jacques Carolan
University College London

Linlin Fan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gregory Handy
University of Minnesota

Murat Yildirim
Cleveland Clinic

Ian Antón Oldenburg
Rutgers University

Eirini Papagiakoumou
Institut de la Vision, Paris

SLB 2024

A two-day conference in Paris, France in the Summer of 2024. Please read our code of conduct.

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Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy
Alan Mardinly
Ian Antón Oldenburg
Adam Packer
Eirini Papagiakoumou
Nicolas Pégard


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